About me

Hi! I'm Sophia, an 18 year old English-Russian who has decided to sell my belongings and buy a one way flight out of here. My plan? I have no plan! I'll live on the shoulders of trust while I hitch-hike and backpack my way through South America, the Middle East and into Asia.

 "Lost in Wanderlust" came about after my trip round India prompted a lot of people to ask me for advice on travelling solo. Rather than repeat myself (although I do love any excuse to talk about India!), I decided to create a little corner online for sharing my experiences as I continue through my travels. My friends dub me as a bit of a "free spirit"; totally enchanted by life its self and our beautiful planet, I strongly believe in the power of travelling and would love to help encourage more people (girls my age especially) to try it out for themselves! All photos on the website are my own, unless stated otherwise.


My all time favourite video for travelling inspiration: