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Randomly, it occasionally hits me that this is it (whatever it is)

This is my life; I shall have no other

I really encourage you to care. To care about your life, to care about the world and all the living beings on it, to care about who you are.

I encourage you to find passions, to take risks, to aim high and work relentlessly for your dreams.

I know it might sound silly, but the fastest and most effective way of getting motivation, I personally find, is by watching Youtube videos.

This could be motivation for anything: from studying for an exam, to finishing a novel I’ve started writing. From telling the person I care about ‘I love you’ for the first time, to ordering a ticket and get on a plane.

Below are a few of my favourite videos for getting me motivated and full of energy towards achieving my dreams:

This is honestly the most incredible speech I’ve ever heard. I followed his 3 steps for a few months, and it changed my life, drastically, for the better.

“Why would you be realistic? What’s the point of being realistic?” is one of my favourite motivational quotes. I have this chalkboard in my room (painted in bright blue chalkboard paint) where I like to write these to remind myself everyday of what truly matters.

This one is a little different. It really blows my mind to discover more about the universe and how it works and therefore our place (as individuals) in it; really helps for putting things into perspective.

love Prince EA’s videos. Every one of them is full of positivity and self-love, I always feel uplifted having watched one.

This one is fantastic for questioning society and how it all functions. It always reminds me of what actually counts in life on a grander scale and to not get worked up on details.

I hope many, if not all, of these videos can help to motivate and inspire you to work towards your dreams, and just to be more present in everyday life!


Love, Sophia x

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