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Moscow Winters

I love my home town at winter and hope you will to! I’ve compiled this simple 7 step list of my favourite things to do in Moscow, and though I adore the city in summer, it’s not quite the same as exploring it under the snowfall!

Love, Sophia x


1. Visit the Tretyakovsky Gallery. The art collection here is truly incredible, and the exhibitions are even more so. When I visited last week, I was able to go through an interactive ‘3D-goggle’ experience of Bjork’s latest works. The technology explored at the Tretyakovsky is cutting edge, and there’s nothing quite like the mix of old and startlingly new. Note that on Wednesdays, entrance is FREE.

2. Go to the theatre. Russians are very big on theatre in the wintertime. There’s an endless stream of concerts, musicals, operas, from the affordable to the truly extravagant.

3. Ice skating. Some of the biggest (and most fun) ice-rinks in the world are in Moscow. For a fiver, you can skate through the maze of light tunnels, cute rustic donut stalls and tea stop-off points for six hours. There are even cosy restaurants to have dinner with your skates on. The sheer scale of the rinks is mindblowing and unlike anywhere else I’ve skated.

4. Get lost on the metro. To suggest this in any other city would be rather odd, but trust me when I say it’s definitely worth exploring. I’ve never seen such elaborately designed and decorated metro stations, some of them are stunning.

5. Snack at a ‘Shoc-a-lad-nit-tsa’. A ‘chocolatier’ as such. Aka a really cosy and yummy Russian cafe with the tastiest cakes I’ve tried and best hot chocolates. Don’t be that person who goes abroad and insists on eating at Starbucks…

6. Shop at GUM. The decorations are really quite impressive and will definitely get you in the Christmas mood. Check out the cute ice-cream stalls (yes, Russians like to eat ice-creams in sub-zero winter).

7. Red Square. No trip to Moscow would be complete without visiting the Red Square. Be sure to go when it’s snowing, the beautiful buildings and light displays look even better in the snow. Mid-December onwards there’s a mish-mash of little carnival rides and yummy food stalls which is definitely worth exploring.

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