Space is COOL

Space is overwhelmingly cool. I’ve never really lost my child-like awe and fascination with what’s out there, and feel so blessed to be living in an era of space discovery. Imagine living only a couple of hundred years ago, when people believed stars were the light of heaven pouring out of tiny holes in a blanket thrown over earth! It’s truly mind-blowing to think about it all, but here are a few interesting facts and notions about the big-wide-Space and universe beyond, enjoy!

Love, Sophia x

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  • THE MOON- How was the Moon formed? 4.5 million years ago, a planet collided with earth and the entire surface of our planet was liquified; nothing remained but rock, lava and fire. The bits of debris that remained were collected by gravity and brought together to form the Moon! Each year, the moon gets 4cm further away from the earth, and as it does so, days literally get longer: 61 million years ago, a day was 21 hours. This is all dictated by the moon. One day, the moon will eventually slow earth’s rotation so a single day lasts longer than a month, and the sea’s tides are locked in standstill.


  • ASTEROIDS- The asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs and 75% of all life (Asteroid KPG) was only 6 miles wide. However, after the asteroid hit earth, large bits of earth debris flew off into space and, maybe, took some living organisms with it and started life elsewhere in space. Another crazy notion to thing about is how Asteroid 2002 could’ve destroyed an entire major city, and missed colliding with earth by merely 1/3 of the distance from earth to the moon.


  • There are INFINITE universes which COULD exist. The one we inhabit is the only ONE we know. Therefore, there’s a 1/infinity chance that this is the only universe; essentially it’s very unlikely that this is the only one. This is much like the theory about future simulations- there are infinite simulation games and scenarios which could exist in the future where WE are the players/pieces in the game. This means it’s much more likely we are, in fact, in a simulation right now than it being simply ‘normal life’/ as we believe it to be.


  • BLACK HOLES- Black holes are formed of dead stars. Stars produce energy (and thus exist) by fusing hydrogen into helium. When hydrogen runs out, helium fuses to form heavy metals. When helium runs out, fusion ends. Small stars will simply fade away, but the huge ones have a different fate. The inner core collapses within seconds, squashing all the atoms and reaching temperatures of 1 billion oC. When the outer shell collapses, too, everything explodes in what is called a Supernova, leaving only a dense neutron star… which forms a black hole once the atoms have been crushed to nothing. EVERYTHING that crosses a black hole’s ‘event horizon’ disappears, including gas, stars and even LIGHT that falls in.


  • SPACE TRAVEL- If Earth was 50% larger than it currently is, travel to space using rockets would be impossible. Other options for space travel include: space elevator, mass drivers (electromagnetic catapult), sky hooks, a space tower and special balloons. Despite the airy-fairy name, Moon dust is EXTREMELY dangerous. It’s very sharp because there is no wind on the moon, so the rock isn’t fragmented or softened. Moon dust is also very corrosive and clings to everything it comes into contact with, which damaged the Apollo missions’ suits and made it difficult for them to move.

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