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Looking for something a bit more structured? Something a little more sane than heading off with no plan? You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve spent hours researching the best and cheapest organisations/ companies to go through, hope this helps and saves you a lot of time in your planning.

Love, Sophia x



  • – this website is awesome for searching for affordable programs. You can search by destination/ type of program; from teaching to studying to volunteering, there’s something for everyone on this site.
  •– check this out for FREE volunteering opportunities all over the world.
  •– although you have to pay USD299 to sign up, and the programs themselves aren’t free, they’re the cheapest of their kind I’ve found and seem very well structured. Here are my favourites from this site:
  • On that note, I volunteered through Read about my experience teaching in India here. I would definitely recommend this organisation, although it is on the more pricey side and am certain you can find similar options for far less money.
  • WWOOF farming– in return for helping out on organic farms, you get free accommodation and food!
  •– concise list of cheap organisations to go through in South America. For example, help out on a Costa Rica jungle resort , or with parrots in Costa Rica on the Ara Project



If you’re interested in the environment and animal welfare, there’s loads of programs suited for you!

  • If you’d like to help save the Amazon Rainforest, have a look at this website.
  • If you’re a horse lover, and want something closer to home, try this stable in Greece.
  • If climate change interests you, why not go on this month long course in the Caribbean? It’s only USD900 for the entire month of accommodation, food, excursions and teaching!



  • Yacht Week is notoriously great fun. There are 7 different routes, though the Ultra Festival- Croatia one looks particularly amazing! You can either get a load of friends together and get a whole boat to yourselves, or if you fancy going with your BFF or boyfriend/girlfriend, why not join another crew?
  • Sail Croatia, as the name suggests, is similar to Yacht Week but Croatia specific.
  • I’ve heard that Busabout can be an awesome adventure. You get to hang out with fellow travellers as you make your way round Europe, Asia or North Africa.

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